English Books

Whole-Scale Change: Unleashing the Magic in Organizations
Dannemiller Tyson Associates (Author)

This book argues that the cornerstone for profound and timely change is large, interactive group meetings that fully engage the participants. This approach has been successfully applied in diverse businesses and industries throughout the world. The book covers the principles, theories, and practical applications to make change work.

The Whole-Scale Change Toolkit
Dannemiller Tyson Associates

A hands-on guide to the Whole-Scale Change process. The authors explain the underlying theory of the Whole-Scale Change process and detail the steps in putting it into action. You will learn how to put together planning and logistics teams and what needs to be done before, during and after large and small meetings.  Contains complete examples of activities used in Whole-Scale large group meetings including when, why and how to use them. 

The Change Handbook
Peggy Holman, Tom Devane and Steven Cady

This extensively updated new edition of the classic bestseller features profiles of sixty-one change methods by the originators and foremost practitioners of such high-leverage change methods as Whole-Scale Change, Appreciative Inquiry, the World Café, Six Sigma, Future Search, and Open Space Technology. Each author outlines distinctive aspects of their approach, answers frequently asked questions, and provides case studies and references to learn more. A one-stop comparative chart helps you determine which methods will work best for you, along with chapters on mixing and matching and sustaining results. This tremendously expanded second edition is the definitive resource in the exciting area of engaging “whole systems” of people to create their own future.

The Handbook of Large Group Methods
Barbara Benedict Bunker & Billie T. Alban

Large Group Interventions are methods used to gather a whole system together to discuss and take action on the target agenda. That agenda varies from future plans, products, and services, to redesigning work, to discussion of troubling issues and problems. The Handbook of Large Group Methods takes the next step in demonstrating through a series of cases how Large Group Methods are currently being used to address twenty-first-century challenges in organizations and communities today.

The IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation
Sandy Schuman

Sponsored by the International Association of Facilitators, The IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation offers the need-to-know basics in the field brought together by fifty leading practitioners and scholars. This indispensable resource includes successful strategies and methods, foundations, and resources for anyone who works with groups. The IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation provides an overview of the field for new and aspiring practitioners and a reliable reference for experienced group facilitators.

The Change Champion's Fieldguide: Strategies and Tools for Leading Change in Your Organization
Dave Ulrich, Marshall Goldsmith, Louis Carter, Jim Bolt and Norm Smallwood

The Change Champion's Fieldguide contains successful tools, instruments, case studies, and models from the best in the industry that you can immediately apply for initiating and leading change within your social or organizational system. The authors of this book are widely recognized as among the best in organization change and leadership development.

Building an evidence based practical guide to Large Scale Interventions
Tonnie van der Zouwen

This book presents an evidence based guide for the practice of participative organisational change, in particular with the whole system approach called Large Scale Interventions (LSI), also known as Whole Systems Change. The guide offers an instrument and tools for systematic evaluation of interventions. 

Large Group Interventions - Engaging the Whole System for Rapid Change
Barbara Benedict Bunker & Billie T. Alban

Large Group Interventions presents a comprehensive overview of twelve of the most powerful methods of large group interventions in use today. This comprehensive guide describes the methods' origins, explores their differences and similarities, and presents vivid examples and case studies of each intervention method in action.

Real Time Strategic Change
Robert W. Jacobs

This book describes the methodology that Whole-ScaleTM Change evolved from. Real Time Strategic Change is a principle-based approach that makes it possible to achieve rapid, sustainable organization-wide change. Rapid means bringing your preferred future into the present--thinking and acting as if the future were now. Sustainable means that an organization can adapt and continue to be successful as new realities emerge.


Dutch Books

Voorbij verandermanagement - Whole-Scale Change, de wind onder de vleugels
Antonie van Nistelrooij, Rob de Wilde

Uitgaande van het Whole-Scale Change-paradigma houden de auteurs een pleidooi voor zorgvuldige wanorde als aanpak van veranderingen. Aan de hand van een aantal nieuwe veranderprincipes en met behulp van - ook in Nederland bekende - interventiemethoden als Real-Time Strategic Change, Open Space, Appreciative Inquiry en World Café wordt in dit paradigma afstand genomen van de stereotype afdelings- en echelonsgewijze veranderaanpak. Dit leidt tot nieuwe theoretische inzichten, die hier worden geïllustreerd met actuele praktijkvoorbeelden, interventiebeschrijvingen en richtlijnen voor het organiseren van een dialoog, participatief veranderen en het werken met grote en kleine groepen.

Praktijkboek Large Scale Intervention - Werken aan verbinding en verandering met Whole Scale Change-principes en -technieken
Rob de Wilde, Antonie van Nistelrooij

Het Praktijkboek Large Scale Intervention bundelt verschillende ervaringen van diverse praktijkbeoefenaars van Whole-ScaleTM Change. Tezamen beschrijven zij hoe WSC er concreet uitziet en wat er gebeurt als je probeert een verbinding te maken tussen de harde en zachte kanten van de organisatie en tussen mensen en afdelingen.

De auteurs gaan in op vragen als: Waar dien je op te letten? Wat moet je vooral (niet) doen? Wat is de rol van de adviseur/procesbegeleider en van de opdrachtgever? Hoe ontwerp je interventies voor kleine of grote groepen? Hoe zorg je dat het energiepeil hoog blijft?

In acht praktijkcases vertellen een aantal ervaringsdeskundigen en hun opdrachtgevers hoe ze samen met leidinggevenden, medewerkers en andere stakeholders pieken en dalen in veranderprocessen hebben meegemaakt, en vooral ook wat zij ervan hebben geleerd.